Sleep Success Seminar

For a limited time, Dr Dassani is offering her Live Seminars and opening up access to her office and her team to help Doctors and teams across the world implement Sleep Apnea treatment for adults and children.

This is the ONLY Comprehensive LIVE program about Sleep Apnea for ADULTS and CHILDREN to kickstart successful implementation in your practice!

No more attending different courses and having to come back and train and retrain team and set up different systems…Now you can go back with a game plan that you can use right away and increase productivity and profitability.

If you’re anything like the practices we’ve trained, these are the questions you struggle with every day:

  • How are we going to start more cases?
  • How do we train our team for success?
  • How can we bill medical insurance AND get paid?
  • How do we ensure that we are productive and profitable while adding this new service?
  • How can I work with other dentists and MDs?
  • How can I market to patients?


If you’ve been struggling with this before, or if you’re going through it right now, or if you just want to get started and do it right, I’m here to tell you:

You can do it.

Yes, We were trained to do dentistry, not how to incorporate this life saving service into everyday practice AND work with medical insurance.

It would be so much easier if we were taught this in school.

But it is possible!

I discovered that success boils down to 2 simple steps:

Step One :

Implement Systems. Implement simple, straightforward, proven systems to transform your practice.

Step Two :

Get Your Team Trained. Having a well trained team that believes in you is akin to having multiple sleep ambassadors.

That’s where I come in.

The #1 LIVE Sleep Apnea Program For Dentists, And TEAMS, to implement Sleep Apnea for Adults and Children
in their Practice FAST!


Get Help With

  • Utilizing Tools and systems to successfully implement sleep apnea and increase profitability
  • Training Your Office Manager and Team to Become Sleep Ambassadors and help save lives
  • Verbal Skills and case presentation
  • Training on How to bill Medical Insurance AND get paid!
  • Establish verbal skills to start conversations For screening and improve case acceptance For Maximum Growth
  • Creating Documented Systems and Processes
  • Marketing so you can get your patients and MDs and the community referring more of their friends and family to you!


What You Can Expect

This Live Seminar will empower you and your team with the tools and knowledge to grow, scale and implement sleep apnea treatment in your practice successfully.

Hundreds of dentists and team members have already experienced the impact of these systems and training’s we helped them to implement in their practices.


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Sept 18th – Sept 20th