Sleep Apnea

“OSA Screening and Treatment:
A change to your dental practice that can change patient’s lives”

Up to 26% of your adult patients and 5% of your pediatric patients may have a condition that affects their ability to work, learn, and relate to others. It may cause them pain, or leave them unable to focus. Left untreated, it will increase their risk of heart disease and diabetes. It is Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA), and your dental practice can help identify and treat it.

In Dr. Dassani’s Free 1 Hour Sleep Apnea Masterclass, you’ll learn what causes OSA, how it presents differently in adults and children, and how your dental office can be at the forefront of identifying and treating this dangerous condition.


Monday, 17th February 2020

Who is Dr. Dassani’s Sleep Apnea Masterclass for?

For Practice Owners:

Learn how adding OSA screening and treatment to your practice can help your patients and community, increase team morale, and improve the productivity of your hygiene team. Dr. Dassani’s Masterclass will introduce you to the basics of OSA in a dental office, and can be used to introduce your team to these new concepts.

For Dental Office Team Members:

Do you see patients whose mental and physical health is in decline, and wish there was something you could do to help? Do you want to take the level of care you provide to the next level? Dr. Dassani’s OSA Masterclass can help you introduce the idea of sleep apnea screening and treatment to your practice owner.

For Primary Care Providers:

Have you been screening your patients for OSA, or do new requirements for appointments leave you without sufficient time? Did you know that the dentists in your area can be a valuable resource for getting your patients screened and treated? Learn how OSA patients who can’t tolerate a CPAP or who have certain underlying conditions may benefit from dental and orthodontic interventions.

What Will I Learn in This Masterclass?

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • Why OSA is fast becoming one of America’s greatest public health issues
  • How the disorder presents differently in adults and children
  • Basic warning signs that a patient may suffer from sleep apnea
  • What your dental practice can do to screen and treat patients

After this Masterclass, you’ll have a greater understanding of OSA. You’ll have the information you need to decide if your practice should add screening and treatment services. You’ll understand how your office can be vital in the struggle to protect your patients’ total body health and to give them longer and better lives.

Monday, 17th February 2020

Limited to 100 registrants only. No replay will be available.