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Sleep hygiene

Posted December 6th, 2022

The most common causes of insomnia and what to do about them

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that makes you lose sleep or have poor-quality sleep. Insomnia can make it hard for you to fall asleep, stay asleep, or get deep and restful sleep. Insomnia may leave you feeling tired during the day and affect your mood, daily activities, and well-being. A variety of factors can […]

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Posted September 29th, 2022

15 Tips for creating the ideal bedtime routine for your child

Most parents know that establishing a bedtime routine for their children is important. But few parents realize just how crucial it can be. A good bedtime routine helps your child get the rest they need to grow and thrive, while a lack of routine can lead to sleep problems and behavioral issues.  So what exactly […]

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Posted March 15th, 2022

Can a weighted blanket help me sleep?

If you have trouble sleeping, you’ve probably had a friend or family member recommend a weighted blanket. But a good weighted blanket can be a big investment. What does the science say about weighted blankets for sleep? Are they expensive placebos, or do they really work? What the science says Here’s a round-up of the […]

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Posted March 8th, 2022

Get to sleep faster with these tips and tricks

Did you know there are ways to get yourself and your kids to sleep faster? It can be hard to settle down for sleep after a busy or stressful day. The tips and tricks shared below will help you get to sleep faster so your brain and body can do the work of sleep. Turn […]

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Posted March 1st, 2022

Top 10 foods that help you sleep

We all want to get healthier, more efficient sleep. We try to practice good sleep hygiene, we create pleasant bedrooms, and we try to exercise. Did you know that what you eat during the day can also help you get better sleep at night?  Here are the top 10 delicious and nutritious foods for helping […]

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Posted December 23rd, 2021

Want better blood sugar control? Start with your sleep

Yet another study (this one from the UK) has found a strong link between sleep quality and blood sugar control. The researchers fed subjects standardized meals to study how lifestyle and time of day affect metabolism. The meals included a balanced meal, a high-carb meal, a high-fat meal, and a high-protein meal. Sleep affects how […]

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Posted March 1st, 2021

Do migraines and sleep problems go together for kids and teens?

A study published in Pediatric Neurology recently explored connections between migraines and sleep disturbances in children and teens. In an article in Neurology Advisor, one of the study’s authors explained their findings. Migraines and sleep disturbances are both on the rise. As many as 9.1% of American children and teens experience migraines, and many of […]

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Posted January 5th, 2021

Teens can’t get to sleep? VR could help

Does your teenager wake up tired? Do they complain about having trouble falling asleep because they can’t stop thinking? Have you tried every home remedy you can find with no luck?  There may be another way to help your teen relax and fall asleep at night using technology that has only become widely available in […]

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