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Sleep Apnea

Posted January 24th, 2023

10 Tips to help you adjust to your CPAP machine

If you have sleep apnea, your most effective treatment option is likely a CPAP machine. This device uses a mask and air pressure to keep your airways open while you sleep so you can get the rest you need.  Many first-time users go through an adjustment period with their CPAP machines. They find the mask […]

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Posted January 10th, 2023

Easy vagus nerve exercises for kids to help them sleep

Most parents know that getting a good night’s sleep is essential for their kids’ healthy growth and development. But did you know there are strategies your kids can try to improve their sleep? There’s a nerve in the body called the vagus nerve. And stimulating this nerve can help your kids relax and sleep better.  […]

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Posted December 20th, 2022

Setting the record straight – What insomnia is and what it isn’t

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders. It affects an estimated 30-50% of adults in the United States. But what is insomnia exactly? And what are the different types? Insomnia is a sleep disorder that causes problems falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting restful sleep. A variety of factors can cause insomnia. These […]

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Posted December 13th, 2022

Here’s what you need to know about sleep apnea and memory loss

It’s a scary thought: losing your memory. But for many people, it’s a reality. Several factors can lead to memory loss. These factors include age, disease, and injury. But a lesser-known cause of memory loss is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that causes breathing to stop and start during sleep. This temporary […]

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Posted January 3rd, 2022

The importance of regulating your body’s cortisol levels

Cortisol is a hormone produced and released by the adrenal glands in response to stress. It plays an important role in regulating many bodily functions, the chief of which is your body’s stress response.  When your body experiences stress, it releases adrenaline, your “fight or flight” hormone. Then, it releases cortisol so you remain on […]

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Posted July 30th, 2021

Dry eyes cause CPAP users much sorrow

A new study from Italian researchers suggests that dry eye disease (DED) may be an overlooked complication of CPAP machine use. According to the American Optometric Association, dry eye disease occurs when a person is either not making enough tears to moisten the eye or when the tears they make have the wrong chemical composition […]

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Posted July 30th, 2021

A drug cocktail may improve sleep apnea symptoms, but not in the USA

A team of Australian researchers has discovered that a two-drug cocktail can improve obstructive sleep apnea symptoms. The researchers used two already-approved drugs together and found a 30% improvement in patients’ AHI and oxygen saturation. One of the drugs, reboxetine, was a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. The other drug, hyoscine butyl bromide, is an antispasmodic drug. […]

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Posted March 26th, 2021

Need to get more exercise? Treat the sleep issue first

When you have obstructive sleep apnea, you get used to everyone telling you to exercise.  Reducing body fat can improve OSA. OSA causes cardiovascular problems, so you need to exercise. Are you prediabetic because OSA is messing with your hormones and causing insulin resistance? Well, the answer is to exercise more. The problem is that […]

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