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Sleep Apnea

Posted July 29th, 2020

Does sleep apnea change how you dream?

When you sleep, what do you dream about? Could the content and quality of your dreams be a symptom of sleep apnea? In recent years, researchers have been exploring the connection between dreams and the Apnea-Hypoxia Index, and they’ve both debunked common sleep apnea myths and found correlations between sleep apnea and dreaming. Do people […]

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Posted June 22nd, 2020

Israeli researchers develop new OSA screening tool

Researchers in Israel have developed a new screening tool that combines pulse oximetry with an AI app to provide medical professionals with a low-cost method for identifying patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The researchers used pulse oximetry, neck circumference, and demographic data from patients to train an AI to identify OSA. The resulting Oxydosa […]

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Posted January 6th, 2020

Researchers find link between sleep apnea and cancer in adult women

A recent study by researchers in Europe found that women with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) have an increased risk of cancer compared to women without the disorder. There was no link between sleep apnea and cancer in men. Researchers could not determine if the hormonal changes associated with OSA caused the cancers. Or if, perhaps, […]

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Posted May 8th, 2019

Sleep apnea and athletes: Is there a link?

Besides training, physical conditioning, and conscious eating, sleep plays a major role in athletic performance and competitive results. Obstructive sleep apnea affects as many as 22 million Americans. And this includes adults as well as kids. And while risk factors such as smoking or having a family history can increase the odds, the latest research […]

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